Girl, 9, dies after being knocked over by fellow student at school

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A dad has spoken out months after his nine-year-old daughter died following an incident in the corridors of her primary school.

In October, Huang Qin's daughter, Ya Tong, who went by the nickname Tong Tong, died after she was knocked down at the school in Qinzhou, China.

In an interview with Xinhua Newspaper Net, the grieving dad said Tong Tong was bumped by one of her classmates, causing her to trip and hit her head on a wall before passing out.

The students were running "excitedly" out of the classroom to go to a PE class, the South China Morning Post reports.

Mr Qin recently told Xinhua Newspaper Net that CCTV footage captured the PE teacher carrying and dragging Tong Tong to the teachers' office.

Pictured is Tong Tong the nine-year-old girl who died after being knocked to the ground at school
Tong Tong suffered a brain haemorrhage and her organs were donated after her death. Source: Huang Qin via The New Paper

He said her arms and head were "drooping". Soon after the young girl woke up.

Mr Qin said his daughter was asked if she was unwell and she shook her head. The classmate who had knocked her down then came to the office and asked the nine-year-old if she would forgive him.

Tong Tong said she did and the two went off to their PE lesson.

When Tong Tong returned home for lunch with her sisters, she said she felt dizzy, but later returned to the school.

Just before 3pm, a teacher from the school called Mr Qin.

"I was told that she seemed to have a tummy ache and had been squatting in the toilet for more than 20 minutes, showing signs of nausea," he told Xinhua Newspaper Net.

He said he received a second phone call while on his way to the school to inform him about the incident in the corridor that morning

CCTV footage of the PE teacher carrying and dragging Tong Tong to the teachers' office.
Mr Qin recently told local publications CCTV footage captured the PE teacher carrying and dragging Tong Tong to the teachers' office. Source: Xinhua Newspaper Net via The New Paper

"Through the teacher’s phone, I spoke briefly to Tong Tong and all she said was she forgot to have her lunch at noon. Those were her last words to me," Mr Qin said.

Tong Tong was unconscious by the time her dad arrived at the school around 3.30pm and an ambulance was on the way.

Mr Huang said he went "berserk" when he noticed swelling on his daughter's head and decided to drive Tong Tong to the hospital himself as he could not wait for the ambulance.

His daughter had suffered a brain haemorrhage and remained in a coma for nine days until she died, TNP reports.

Father's last wish for daughter

After Tong Tong's death, Mr Qin decided to donate her organs

"I don’t want to be a hero praised by others. I just want to let my daughter’s heart continue beating," he said, according to the South China Morning Post.

"I hope she could stay in this world in another way. It is also a motivation for us to live on. I feel relieved that she has helped other people and saved their lives."

He said he never imagined he would be involved in organ donation and said while he was signing the documents he had images of Tong Tong, healthy and lively, appearing in his mind.

The school where the incident happened has not been named, however, according to Chinese media, the school has apologised to Mr Huang, compensated him and punished the teachers for not getting Tong Tong medical treatment.

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