Girl, 12, traumatised after bug burrows into her ear for two days

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WARNING – GRAPHIC CONTENT: A schoolgirl was horrified after a flying insect landed on her ear and burrowed deep inside it for two days.

Tha Rungkasatra, 12, was lying in the bed after waking up in Ayutthaya, Thailand when a black bug entered the room on November 10.

The girl panicked as it dive-bombed towards her before landing on her hair and crawling inside her right ear.

She was shouting while trying to reach into her ear canal while her 30-year-old mother, Jinda, rushed to the room to check on her daughter.

Pictured left is Tha Rungkasatra. Right is the bug that flew into her ear on a tissue.
Tha Rungkasatra, 12, was lying in bed when a bug flew into her room and burrowed into her ear. Source: Viral Press/Australscope

Tha recounted what happened and they tried to remove the insect until her ear started to bleed so her frantic mother took her to the hospital.

“The insect flew into her ear. My daughter flinched and her eyes were bulging. We tried to remove it until the blood shot out of her ear,” Jinda said.

The medics evaluated her on the emergency bay and even checked her ear, but they said the bug had already left and the schoolgirl was discharged.

But when the girl reached home and went to bed, the irritation did not subside so her concerned mother took her back to the hospital the next day.

Pictured is Tha Rungkasatra's bloody ear.
After being taken to hospital for a second time, doctors put medicine in her ear to force the bug out of the narrow hole. Source: Viral Press/Australscope

This time, specialists at the hospital's otorhinolaryngology ward did a thorough physical examination on the girl and found the creature never left the child's ear.

They immediately poured medicine on the girl's ear to force the bug out of the narrow hole.

She stayed the night at the hospital and woke up to a bloody pillow before medics checked on her to pull the bug which had partially emerged in the ear canal.

The insect was successfully removed before the girl went home, but her ear was still painful.

She said she had been traumatised by the incident and “flinches whenever she sees a fly”.

– Australscope

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