Girl, 12, shot through window of bedroom while she was sleeping

A 12-year-old girl was reportedly shot twice while sleeping on a couch in her home.

Lakiya Charleston from Chicago was sleeping on a couch when shots were fired from the sidewalk at around 5am on Saturday, by two male offenders, according to CBS Chicago.

Police told CBS the two men fired more than 20 rounds into Lakiya’s South Side home.

Photos show Lakiya Charleston, the 12-year-old victim in a shooting.
Lakiya Charleston was the 12-year-old victim of what police believe to be a targeted attack. Source: Twitter / Eric Cox.

Since the shooting Lakiya underwent surgery at Comer Children’s hospital. She was reportedly shot in the shoulder and near her stomach.

Her grandmother, Bonita Kippers, told CBS Chicago Lakiya’a liver ruptured and one of her lung collapsed.

At the time of the shooting there were six children, including Lakiya, in the home at the time.

“It’s just devastating,” said the victim’s grandmother Bonita Kippers. “I’m just lost for words right now.”

She also believes someone on the street knows something about the shooting, but is withholding information from police.

Photo shows some of the bullet holes in the family home in Chicago, where a 12 year old was shot.
Police say the gunmen shot 20 rounds into the house, where Lakiya and five other children were. Source: Vi Nguyen / Twitter.

“It just bothers me,” she said. “Come out! Talk! Why shield somebody? Because this could be someone in your family,” Bonita said.

The investigation is ongoing and police are seeking surveillance footage, hoping to get an image of the gunmen.

Police do believe the shooting was a targeted attack.

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