Girl, 11, charged over needles in Halloween candy

An 11-year-old has been charged for allegedly putting needles in Halloween candy after two separate families found metal in their childrens’ sweets.

Police say the child faces felony charges in Juvenile Court for the incidents which occurred in North Carolina, US, local outlet 9WSOCTV reported.

The first incident allegedly occurred on Halloween night, when a 12-year-old boy bit into a Snickers bar with a pin in it. The outlet reported a search then found another pin in a second sweet.

He was rushed to hospital but was not seriously injured. The pin went behind his two front teeth.

The candy was allegedly laced with metal pieces. Source: 9WSOCTV

In a separate episode, another parent discovered a mini Snickers bar with pieces of metal resembling needles in it on November 1.

Fox8 reports the the needles were inserted into the candy through the wrappers and would have been very difficult to detect.