Girl, 10, dies of Covid after being 'forced' to walk with sick kids

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Parents of a 10-year-old girl who died from Covid-19 have shared their heartbreak over losing their little girl, urging parents to keep their sick kids at home.

Teresa Sperry, from Virginia, died just five days after developing flu-like symptoms when the virus attacked her heart.

According to her mother Nicole Sperry, she became unwell after being given the job of walking sick kids in her class to the nurse's office.

A photo of Teresa with her three brothers smiling at the camera. Source: Facebook
Teresa Sperry passed away from Covid complications. Source: Facebook

"Our daughter was perfectly healthy," Teresa's mum, Nicole Sperry wrote on Facebook following her death. 

"And would have continued to be here if people would have stopped sending their sick kids to school."

School says they have been 'monitoring best practice'

The Suffolk Public School district released a statement following Teresa's death, however they didn't address the family's allegation that she caught Covid from sick children at school.

"As a school district, we have been closely monitoring our best practice regarding the spread of the coronavirus," the statement read.

"We have taken guidelines from the Centre of Disease Control along with the Suffolk health department.

"We will continue following our mitigation strategies of wearing masks, washing hands and practicing social distancing."

Mum slams 'selfish people'

According to a Facebook post written by Nicole Sperry, her daughter died as a result of people not following Covid guidelines. 

"My beautiful girl was taken from me because people are too damn selfish to care about what could happen to others," the post from Mrs Sperry read.

"I wasn't. We weren't. We wore our masks because there are too many in our tribe who are at risk.

"My daughter was not at risk. And now she is gone. This horrible excuse of a letter is not acceptable," she said of the school's statement about her daughter's death.

The Sperry family. Source: Facebook
The Sperry family are grieving the loss of Teresa. Source: Facebook

Mrs Sperry urged everyone to "stop complaining and keep your sick kids at home".

"Because in the end you will still get to hug yours."

She said the family left a "huge piece" of their hearts at the hospital when Teresa passed away.

"It hurts so much to not have her here," she wrote.

"We did everything we could have done and now we've lost a part of our hearts."

Grieving mum urges everyone to get vaccinated 

The grieving mother continued saying Covid is real, and "doesn't care who it takes", urging everyone to get vaccinated to protect others.

“Want to know what you can do to honour my lovely girl? Wear a damn mask! Get vaccinated!” she wrote.

"My daughter was a beautiful loving caring person who cared more for other people than herself she loved people," her father Jeff Sperry, who has also tested positive for Covid, told 3WTKR.

"If this can happen to her, it can happen to anybody and I don't want this to happen to anybody else."

Mrs Sperry added: "I never thought my perfectly healthy daughter would die from Covid."

Teresa leaves behind three brothers and her mother and father, both of whom are vaccinated.

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