Ginger Zee opens up about struggles with self-esteem: ‘I often avoided mirrors’

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Ginger Zee is getting real about mental health. (Photo: Lou Rocco/ABC via Getty Images)

Ginger Zee is holding nothing back.

On Sunday, which happened to be World Mental Health Day, the 40-year-old meteorologist shared a glowing photo of herself on Instagram, using the caption to open up about her struggles with mental health.

"When I was at my lowest I often avoided mirrors," she admitted. "When I would catch my reflection, I rarely recognized myself. I knew it was me, logically, but I didn’t know, love or feel comfortable with the person that I saw. I could not identify with the woman I saw. My identity was diffuse."

She went on to announce that she would be using this week to help people work on having better "sleep, nutrition and movement," which could help with maintaining a healthy brain. She also talked about the importance of getting professional help.

"A therapist is like a personal trainer for your brain. And if you haven’t explored meditation I highly recommend trying guided meditation for even one minute… then adding on," she continued.

Zee continued, "Now when I look in the mirror I see me, I’m mostly proud & happy with the reflection and I’m able to turn outward and give energy and love to others because I have settled in my sense of self. We all deserve that peace. I wish I could go back in those lowest moments and remind myself these beautiful days were possible. I hope it helps you to know the storms don’t last forever."

Fans took to the comments to praise the Good Morning America star for her transparency.

"Thank you for this! You are an inspiration!" A fan wrote, with another adding, "You are radiating strength and beauty, my friend!"

Other comments included, "Ginger, after reading your posts I have come to the conclusion that your heart and your mind is as wonderful as your physical beauty. Good day to you," and, "I know how important this is to all and to you. You inspire so many in a way you many never realize. You share that it’s real and that matters. Thank you."

This is not the first time Zee has been open about her past struggles. In the wake of the Gabby Petito case, she took to Instagram to open up about her own experiences in an abusive relationship with an ex.

"I was lucky… I got out. I had the privilege of feeling comfortable calling police. I had the support that could lend me money to fly away," she wrote in part. "As I watched the body cam where she is in the isolation of a vehicle in the desert, it felt eerily like my story. That moment I was hiding under a table in a desert hotel, crying to my mom when she told me she feared for my life. She told me to call the police. I did. They got me to a different hotel and away from him. I flew out the next day...We also know that not everyone in an abusive situation has the support or education to ask for help. They likely don’t believe they deserve it."

In the post, she also shared passages from her 2017 memoir, Natural Disaster, where she talked more in depth about her past abusive relationship. Prior to this she spoke out about another case, which centered around an abusive relationship after Tennessee teen Emma Walker was killed by her ex-boyfriend.

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