Gillian Anderson teases potential Scully return in The X-Files reboot

gillian anderson as scully, the x files season 8
X-Files star on potential Scully return for rebootFox

Gillian Anderson has hinted that her iconic character could return in The X-Files reboot.

Black Panther director Ryan Coogler is set to revive the world-renowned sci-fi series, which originally ran from 1993 to 2002 and starred Anderson as FBI Agent Dana Scully alongside David Duchovny as her partner, Special Agent Fox Mulder.

The duo investigated unresolved cases - the series titled "X Files" - that seemingly included paranormal phenomena. Both Duchovny and Anderson as well as the wider series received several award wins and nominations, and the show became the longest-running sci-fi series in the US by the time it ended.

Original series creator Chris Clark announced that Coogler would be reviving the show last year, and The Crown star has revealed she wouldn't rule herself out of appearing if he is attached.

gillian anderson as scully, david duchovney as mulder, x files
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"It's so funny because for most of my life since I finished The X-Files, every interview I do, people have asked, and the answer has always been: 'Nope, not going to happen,'"Anderson said during an appearance on US talk show TODAY when asked if she would reprise her role.

"Now, Ryan Coogler, who's the director of Black Panther, brilliant, brilliant director, has approached Chris Carter to say that he wants to do a take on it. And I cannot think of a better way around for a reboot to happen. I think he's a bit of a genius."

She went on to say "there's a chance" she will don her dark suit once more to investigate the paranormal when speaking to host Savannah Guthrie.

"Whether I'm involved in it is a whole other thing. But in his hands — I'm not saying no — because I think (Coogler) is really cool, and I think if he did it, it would probably be done incredibly well, and maybe I'll pop in for a little somethin'-somethin'," she continued.

gillian anderson as scully, the x files season 8

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Carter has given Coogler his blessing to take over his show, telling Inverse in a new interview that the Creed director has "good ideas" for the show.

"It's interesting, people say, 'Aren't you possessive of it?' And I say, 'No, I’m looking forward to seeing what somebody else does with it,'" he said.

However, he speculated that Coogler could run into a problem adapting the show in the 2020s as opposed to the 90s, as "everything is a conspiracy" now.

The X-Files is available to stream on Disney+, Channel 4, and Sky Go.

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