Ghostbusters: 'The community is really big'

People do not realise just how big the community of Ghostbusters is, its fans say.

Staffordshire Ghostbusters, formed five years ago and inspired by the Merseyside Ghostbusters community, dress up as their favourite characters and raise money for charity.

The group said they were always popular when they appeared at events, but this year they would be "massively popular."

They will be introducing showings of new Ghosbusters film Frozen Empire, at a cinema in Walsall across the weekend.

Dressing up as characters from the film was both a hobby and a way to raise money for charity, said Claire Crimmins, who got tickets for the London premiere of the film.

She said she "really enjoyed" the film, and could not wait to see it again.

Staffordshire Ghostbusters took off during the Covid pandemic as its members decided to start makeing their own props, using 3D printing and stickers bought online, said the 43-year-old.

"We love doing events and seeing the kids smile, and the adults as well - who want to try on the proton packs."

The group was formed in 2019 through a mutual love of the 1984 film.

Although they do not own a replica of the famous Ghostbusters car, they have friends that do, and getting to drive Ecto-1 was "amazing," said Ms Crimmins.

Becoming a Ghostbuster at the weekend was a "laugh" and brought "some positivity," she added.

The six Staffordshire Ghostbusters are introducing screenings of the Frozen Empire at The Light, Walsall on Saturday and Sunday.

The group has more than 1,000 followers on Facebook.

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