'Ghost' trashes kitchen, forces woman to find new home

Ben Brennan and Yahoo7 News

An Irish woman says she is going to have to move house because a ‘poltergeist’ has been tormenting her.

It must be boring being stuck in limbo.

This lost soul is filling its days though by creating housework for Ashy Murphy, of Cork, Ireland.

The kitchen and living area appear to be the 'ghosts' favourite haunts. Photo: Supplied
The kitchen and living area appear to be the 'ghosts' favourite haunts. Photo: Supplied

The Mirror reports she is fed up and planning to move on herself if the belligerent spirit does not do so itself

“It's getting way worse I defo have to move house," she said.

Video posted online shows light fixtures swinging, doors flying open and crockery crashing in the kitchen.

Ghost kicks the bucket. Photo: Supplied
Ghost kicks the bucket. Photo: Supplied

At one stage the 'ghost' literally kicks a bucket, in what is obviously a follow up to the time it did the same figuratively.

It has not been viewed several million times on various platforms and is, as per usual, sparking heated speculation about whether this is proof of supernatural phenomena or proof people will do anything to score a YouTube hit.

Some viewers claim wires can clearly be seen being pulled to send the pots and pans flying and the cupboard doors swinging.

Ghostly encounters have become a staple of internet video streaming sites over the years.

One would think that with so many supposed spooks being caught on video humanity might be coming close to be convinced the otherside is out there.

It's not though.

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