Germany won't be joining France in sending military instructors to Ukraine

Boris Pistorius
Boris Pistorius

Germany will not be joining France in sending military instructors to Ukraine to train soldiers, said German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius, reported Süddeutsche Zeitung.

"The added value ... is disproportionate to the risk and the effort that would have to be put in, and that's why it's not an option for us," Pistorius said.

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During bilateral negotiations with the French government the day before, he stated that he did not get the impression that Paris had already decided that French instructors would conduct training on Ukrainian territory.

"But even if it were so, it would still be France's decision," he said.

"No one has yet been able to explain the big advantage, the added value of conducting exercises on Ukrainian territory."

Discussions about Ukraine's right to strike on Russian territory should not be held publicly, Pistorius said earlier.

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"In the interests of military tactics and strategy, it must be clear that there is no public debate about what is possible, what is allowed, and what we want or would like to see or not," he said.

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