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German police puzzled by major cash transporter heist

A methodically planned hold-up of a cash transporter that netted an armed gang millions of euros being ferried to Germany's central bank has police scratching their heads, four days after the heist.

"It remains unclear where the gang got their vehicles and how they came to know of this cash transport," a police spokeswoman in Neubrandenburg to the north of Berlin said.

The gang lay in wait for the transporter on Thursday as it passed near the village of Gutzkow on its way from Greifswald on the Baltic Sea coast to Neubrandenburg, setting up a fake motorway construction site to hold it up.

Vehicles and concrete blocks were used to halt the transporter.

Warning shots were then fired from machine pistols by two of the gang and black paint was sprayed on the windshield.

The gang then broke into the back of the cash transporter, leaving the two security guards unharmed inside.

No one was injured in the robbery.

The gang then set fire to an off-road vehicle they had used, abandoning it at the scene.

They also set fire to the cash transporter.

After making their escape in another vehicle, they abandoned it a few kilometres away in woodland near Mussentin, setting it alight, before fleeing in yet another vehicle.

"The fires and alterations made to the vehicles are making identification difficult," the police spokeswoman said.

Police are looking for two masked gang members and one or two assistants, with the search being widened to take in the entire country.