German faces court after girl gets jab

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A doctor in the southern German city of Augsburg has lost his job at a vaccination centre and is facing court proceedings after administering a coronavirus jab to a nine-year-old.

Police said on Tuesday that proceedings had been opened against the man on suspicion of physical injury resulting from negligence and staff members at the centre would be questioned about the incident.

In Germany, only children older than 12 have been approved to receive the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.

The jab's manufacturer is currently holding clinical trials on whether the age limit can be lowered.

The nine-year-old girl had accompanied her father to the centre to receive his vaccine.

A lawyer for the vaccination centre's operators said that the doctor had mistakenly assumed that the girl was a high-risk patient who needed the vaccine, and that the incident had been an individual failure on the part of the vaccinating doctor.

The girl's father told local radio broadcaster Hitradio RT1 that the the nine-year-old got the jab after she and the doctor had been joking around in the treatment booth.

The doctor apologised immediately after and the nine-year-old was taken to hospital for observation.

According to the father, the girl has so far not suffered any adverse effects.

"There is nothing wrong with her at all," he said.

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