George Galloway’s Workers Party manifesto at a glance

George Galloway’s Workers Party of Great Britain has unveiled its manifesto to voters saying “Britain deserves better”.

The 34-page document covers everything from the economy, foreign policy, the NHS and immigration.

Here the PA news agency looks at some of the party’s proposals.

– Economy

To transform the UK into a democratic socialist state, starting with an increase in personal tax allowance to £21,200 and a 5% wealth tax on all estates worth £10m and above.

Reverse de-industrialisation and workers’ control of industry through trade unions.

Consider nationalising some public services including rail, water, electricity and the “military-industrial complex”.

– Environment

Share the costs and benefits of the green agenda and change to combat global warming.

Oppose Ulez (ultra low emission zone) initiatives because of costs imposed on small businesses and workers and oppose “Green hysteria”.

An ultra low emission zone sign on a busy road
The manifesto pledges to oppose Ulez initiatives


Massive reduction in administration and management in the NHS, with “Big Food” and “Big Pharma” to be “regulated” at “every level”.

– Free speech and ‘culture wars’

End “creeping buro-fascism” to support free speech and stop “stealth oppression and stealth totalitarianism” via the law, regulations, ‘lawfare’ and “cultural engineering”.

Overhaul arts funding to make space in working-class communities for everything from “K-Pop to Haydn”, the manifesto promises.

– Immigration

Recognise the “anxiety” felt among working-class communities to mass migration but focus on the influx “caused by our own actions” through war, sanctions on developing countries and unfair trading practices.

Rochdale by-election
George Galloway secured victory in the Rochdale by-election earlier in the year (Yui Mok/PA)

– The constitution

Referendum on the continued existence of the monarchy and proportional representation for elections.

– Foreign policy

Put an end to “imperialist wars”, withdrawal from Nato, a “clear and present danger” to UK security, and support for Palestine.

– Welfare

Review pensions policy with the “aim” of all workers having the option to retire at 60, free school meals for all children without means testing, free adult education, to be paid for by scrapping the UK nuclear deterrent.