George Conway predicts Trump will ‘lose big’ in Supreme Court immunity case

George Conway predicts Trump will ‘lose big’ in Supreme Court immunity case

Conservative attorney George Conway said Friday he thinks former President Trump will “lose big” in his presidential immunity case currently before the Supreme Court.

Conway joined CNN’s Jim Acosta to talk about the highly anticipated decision from the nation’s highest court. The justices are expected to issue their ruling in the case by the end of June but have had their own set of controversies causing concern about the rulings they’ll hand down.

Acosta asked Conway if he trusts the justices amid the recent criticism, and when he expects the court to issue the ruling in Trump’s case.

“I do trust the court on this. I think … Donald Trump is going to lose. I think he’s going to lose big,” Conway responded. “I think there may be a few wrinkles in the opinion that may add a few steps to the process, but at the end of the day, I don’t think his argument is going to fly.”

The Supreme Court is weighing whether former presidents can be criminally prosecuted for official conduct, which is what Trump’s team argues he was doing on Jan. 6, 2021.

The justices’ decision can impact not only his recent guilty charges in his hush money case, but whether his other three indictments can proceed.

Depending on the decision of the justices, special counsel Jack Smith could proceed with his case and do the opposite of what Trump and his team want to do: delay the case past the election.

Conway argues that it may actually backfire on the former president because a trial in the case could begin around mid-September and disrupt the most critical time in his campaign.

“In terms of delay, I wish they had not taken the case. I wish they had decided at once before, but the fact of the matter is, I don’t think there is some grand conspiracy or even an effort by some of the justices to put this off to help Trump,” Conway said.

Conway said this is one of the most important decisions before the Supreme Court “in a long time” and that while Washington is anxiously awaiting the decision, they will likely take until the end of this year’s term to issue a ruling.

“It’s gonna take until the end of June, it always was,” he said.

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