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Genesis unveils a sleek X Convertible concept EV

It's the third 'X' concept but will never be built, sadly.


Genesis has unveiled the X Convertible concept, showing off its design chops with an EV that builds on the previous Genesis X and X Speedium Coupe vehicles. It shares the architecture and electric powertrain with those cars, but uses a folding hardtop roof and is meant to evoke "design purity" and uses what Genesis calls an "anti-wedge parabolic" design.

Gone are the extra bulgy fenders and aggressive front end, replaced by a more subtle design and cleaner, longer lines. That length is further accentuated by the short front overhang that gives it a protruding nose. The triangular headlights from the X Speedium are carried over, as are the double taillights. The hardtop roof has an integrated moonroof, offering drivers a view of the stars even when it's closed up.

Genesis unveils its sleek X Convertible concept EV
Genesis unveils its sleek X Convertible concept EV

The interior is very similar to the previous two concepts, with the dashboard screen curving across and down toward the right armrest. It uses recyclable wool fabrics and leather seats, with the interior Giwa Navy and Dancheong Orange colors "inspired in part by traditional Korean roof architecture," according to Genesis.

We still don't know anything about the battery or drivetrain. It would make sense, though, to use the E-GMP platform found in Hyundai's Ioniq 5 and the Kia EV6. Genesis could then dial up the power and battery size so that range and performance would meet the expectations of luxury car buyers.

Genesis unveils its sleek X Convertible concept EV
Genesis unveils its sleek X Convertible concept EV

Genesis says the X Convertible is a "beacon for the brand" that will presumably inspire future designs. It'll likely never be built in this form, but the company wants to show buyers what's possible. "We have to utilize this opportunity to inject more adrenaline in the brand," it told TechCrunch. "If somebody believes that electric vehicles cannot be sexy, Genesis will demonstrate the exact opposite."