Disturbing detail behind 'bogan' gender reveal burnout

A driver has been caught on camera doing what appears to be a gender reveal burnout in an unlikely location.

The footage which was captured by another driver’s dashboard camera shows a silver Ford sedan entering a roundabout before coming directly into view.

The car on the roundabout is then seen doing a burnout until plumes of blue smoke are emitted from the back tyres.

The car then drives up the wrong side of the road and out of the camera’s view.

According to the Dash Cam Owners Australia Facebook page that shared the video, the person who captured the footage said the incident occurred in Strathpine, north of Brisbane.

A driver's dashboard camera has captured the moment a man appears to be doing a gender reveal burnout on a roundabout in Strathpine, near Brisbane. Source: Facebook / Dash Cam Owners Australia

The roundabout is positioned near a shopping centre on the corner of Jockers and Dixon streets.

The “gender reveal”, as it was dubbed by the person who shared the video to the social media page, happened on May 21, according to the owner of the footage.

They added the date seen in the corner of the video frame was incorrect.

It is unclear though if the incident was actually someone revealing a baby’s gender.

The footage quickly drew amusement among social media users, with one person cleverly quipping, “It’s a boygan.”

One man said: “These heartless people running over innocent smurfs.”

“That baby is definitely going to be named Kyal or Chad,” another added – to which someone called Chad replied, “piss off” with a laughing emoji.

Other people were less amused over the footage.

“This s*** right here is why all true enthusiasts are judged badly by the public,” one person said.

“What a disgrace,” a second social media user wrote.

A third person added: “There is a time and a place... and that was neither.”

A Queensland Police spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia they had received a complaint regarding the incident and were investigating.

“We haven’t got anyone in custody or charged at this stage,” the spokesperson added.

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