Gen Z is sharing their Halloween room transformations, and it’s getting people pumped for ‘spooky season’

Now that fall is almost here, social media is once again full of pumpkin spice latte memes and talk about “sweater weather.” It’s also inspiring some people to start decorating early for Halloween.

But while most people may be getting their front porches ready for the season, Gen Z is also getting into the spirit by decking out both their bedrooms and college dorms with “spooky” holiday decor.

The new trend, which appears to be spreading on TikTok, is taking off in a big way.

That’s because most of these “spooky” rooms have much more than just a simple string of orange lights hanging from the ceiling. Instead, they’re like walking into a Halloween lover’s paradise.

In one viral TikTok from the user @ghostygrey, their room features lots of dim orange lighting, Halloween-inspired wall signs, and orange-and-black bedding, complete with a pillow that reads “Trick or Treat.”

Adding to the overall vibe is a film projector that @ghostygrey uses instead of a TV, so she can watch scary movies on her bedroom wall in the dark.

Though the TikToker actually leaves her room like this throughout the year, her recent video has brought in over 7 million views now that Halloween is approaching. It’s also inspired other people to decorate their own spaces in similar ways using budget-friendly decor.

“I want my room to look like this,” commented @ilyfseptemberxoxo.

“i would sleep so good here,” added @khlzze.

Videos like these are all over Halloweentok right now, which is definitely heating up as October inches closer.

In another video, TikToker @vscobywaves shows how they transformed their room into the ultimate Halloween haven using garlands of faux autumn leaves and nearly every kind of orange, fall-themed decor you can think of.

For some people, decorating their rooms for Halloween is less about making it overly “spooky” and more about giving it a gentle fall vibe.

That appears to be what Mya Arrendell (@mya_spams10) did in her own room when she switched out her summer beach decor for soft lighting, pumpkin-scented candles and items with muted brown tones.

Currently, the TikTok hashtag #HalloweenDorm currently has nearly 40,000 views.

Many of the clips show dorm rooms that are fully decked out from the entranceway to the desks where each student studies.

Even common areas where students hang out, eat and watch TV together are getting the Halloween treatment.

In one video, shared by a TikToker named Bri (@bweonah), her dorm’s living room gets totally transformed with purple lights, creepy spider decor and a hanging banner that says “Trick or Treat.”

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