GBBO Star Kim-Joy's Shortbread Layer Takes Brownies Up A Notch

Kim-Joy - Andrew Benge/Getty

Kim-Joy is everyone's favorite cat-loving contestant from "The Great British Bake Off." While she finished as the runner-up in her first season, Kim-Joy took home the trophy on the special edition of "The Great New Year Bake Off" back in 2022, and ever since, she has been sharing her warm personality and delicious recipes with the world.

Her most recent cookbook is fittingly called "Bake Me a Cat: 50 Purrfect Recipes for Edible Kitty Cakes, Cookies, and More!" so it makes sense that Kim-Joy's brownies would also be cat-themed in some way or another. The brownies, posted to her TikTok account, feature cat-shaped cookies on top and another secret layer of shortbread on the bottom to kick things up a notch. To make your brownies "extra special," Kim Joy also suggests adding chunks of good quality chocolate to the batter and making sure you cut around the furry friend cookies.

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So How Are These Brownies Actually Made?

Kim-Joy's brownies with cat cookies on top
Kim-Joy's brownies with cat cookies on top - TikTok

Unfortunately, Kim-Joy's TikTok video doesn't have the recipe for the brownies or the shortbread, but we did some digging and found it. In 2022, Kim-Joy appeared on "The Today Show" with Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager, showing the two women how to create her perfect brownies. The recipe now appears online, accompanied by a video clip of her segment on the show so you can follow along as she bakes.

The brownie recipe incorporates a generous amount of butter, brown sugar, vanilla bean paste, caster sugar, and chopped dark chocolate, among other things. Kim-Joy promises that these brownies are the "best-ever." To make the shortbread kitties, Kim-Joy uses her Calico Cat Cookies recipe. She claims that the shortbread on the bottom and the cookies on top make her recipe even more "su-purr-rior," and includes an optional peanut butter layer if you're looking to take these already-amazing brownies to the next level. To make sure your brownies are the best they can be, Kim-Joy suggests taking them out of the oven when they're still a little bit undercooked and being very careful not to over-mix your batter.

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