Gay marriage campaign kicks off

Paul Osborne, AAP Senior Political Writer


"I have many other calls on my time as prime minister, but I will certainly support a 'yes' vote."

- Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

"I will be voting yes. I will be campaigning for a yes vote. I will do my bit and I encourage people to join the movement for marriage equality because no true leader is ever too busy to fight for the fair go in this country. Equality is not a diary appointment."

- Labor leader Bill Shorten speech in parliament.

"We will be arguing that by going ahead without the authorisation of parliament the government is acting beyond its power."

- Public Interest Advocacy Centre chief Jonathon Hunyor, in launching a High Court challenge.

"We will not facilitate the introduction of a private member's bill on this matter unless the Australian people have given their support through a 'yes' vote through this national vote that we are now undertaking."

- Malcolm Turnbull, on the court challenge.

"We do have a pathway now that will see this issue resolved before Christmas."

- NSW Liberal MP Trent Zimmerman, who will vote yes.

"I would call on everyone to honour the will of the Australian people as expressed through this plebiscite. So for everyone arguing against change, if it goes against us we should honour it and that's what I will do."

- ACT Liberal senator Zed Seselja, who will vote "no".

"I think the less said about this irregular and unscientific polling the better. I'm not going to take any part in it whatsoever. I think they should abandon it."

- Former High Court judge Michael Kirby.