Gay dads with triplets explain their surrogacy surprise: ‘Just me and three boys? No way, I need a gal pal!’

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Two gay dads explained how their surrogacy journey led them to an adorable — yet unexpected — set of triplets.

TikTok couple Jake and Sean (@daddiestothree) have shared many, many TikToks about their new family. Along the way, they’ve received a lot of questions about their journey, so they made a video to explain their surrogacy process.

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In one TikTok post, the new dads answer a follower’s question that reads, “I don’t understand how surrogacy works but I’m very curious. Were triplets naturally developed or did you choose an embryo that had triplets?”

Sean starts the video by saying, “So this is actually a pretty great question and one that we get pretty often.”

“Science is crazy!” Jake adds. “It actually took four people to bring our family here.”

The couple started with an anonymous egg donor that they found through a database. Half the eggs were fertilized with Sean’s sperm, and the other half with Jake’s, resulting in 12 viable embryos.

Jake continues, “We did some testing so that we would know which of those embryos were girls and which were boys, and then we implanted one girl and one boy embryo — one of each of ours.”

‘Split’ decision

“And that’s how we got triplets!” Sean adds. “One of our girls decided to split on us! Didn’t happen the way that we planned, and now we couldn’t imagine life any other way!”

This heartwarming explanation of Sean and Jake’s road to three beautiful children has 1.2 million views and counting! Their followers are grateful that the couple shared their experience and spread the word about different pregnancy options.

One TikToker wrote, “I love that your girl embryo was like, ‘Just me and three boys? No way, I need a gal pal!’”

Another excited viewer wrote, “I love watching y’all and your journey! I had the pleasure of being a surrogate 4 times! It’s a beautiful experience. Your babies are adorable!”

Surrogacy is becoming a more common option for couples that cannot conceive on their own. According to American Fertility Services, surrogacies in the U.S. have about a 75% success rate.

Jake and Sean have plenty of other TikToks documenting their parenting journey, including a video where they explain what happened to the remaining embryos.

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