Gas pipeline and critical infrastructure facility in Kharkiv Oblast hit in Russian attack

Aftermath of the shelling of Beryslav, Kherson Oblast, on May 9
Aftermath of the shelling of Beryslav, Kherson Oblast, on May 9

Russian invaders attacked a critical infrastructure facility and gas pipeline in Kherson Oblast, regional governor Oleksandr Prokhudin reported on Telegram on May 10.

The gas leak has since been blocked and there are no threats or fires, he added.

28 homes in Kherson Oblast have been damaged in Russian attacks over the past day, as well as farm buildings, a warehouse, a garage, and a private car, he said.

One person was injured.

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Russian troops struck 14 settlements in Kherson Oblast and the city of Kherson over the last 24 hours.

Russia targeted Beryslav district with ballistic missiles.

Air defense forces shot down one Shahed-131/136 UAV during a night Russian attack, Prokhudin added.

Russian occupiers dropped two aerial bombs on Beryslav the day before, destroying the local school, Prokudin said.

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