Garth Hill: Welsh dragon covered in graffiti on trig point

Trig point Garth
The trig point was sprayed with: "The dragon has choked on SUV fumes. RIP"

A stone trig point on a popular walking trail to the north of Cardiff has been vandalised.

Walkers found the trig point on Garth Hill, on which a red dragon is stencilled at the top, had been sprayed over with graffiti on Saturday.

Below, the graffiti read: "The dragon has choked on SUV fumes. RIP."

The pinnacle offers views of Cardiff, Penarth and the South Wales coast at 307m (1,007ft) high).

A walker shared a photograph of the damage on X, saying: "Some absolute tool has vandalised the trig on mynydd Y Garth."

One person replied to the post describing the graffiti as "mindless vandalism", while another said it was a "disgraceful thing to do in such a lovely spot".