Get your garden blooming with this mini greenhouse

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This Mini Greenhouse Plant Stand is the perfect garden addition. (Getty Images)
This Mini Greenhouse Plant Stand is the perfect garden addition. (Getty Images)

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We had all sorts of dreams about our future when we were young; perhaps yours was that you would adventure around the world or meet the person of your dreams?

Well, one of ours, was pottering around in our very own greenhouse.

Sadly, house prices across the UK have somewhat dashed the dream of a sprawling garden with a substantial glass structure, but that doesn't mean we're out of options.

The Lacewing™ 4 Tier Mini Greenhouse Plant Stand creates a space for your plants to thrive in, while taking up far less room than a full-size greenhouse. 

Here's why we're adjusting our vision and opting for this versatile garden piece instead...

Why we rate it:

Not only will you get year-round use out of this four-tiered mini greenhouse, it can also switch between a functional space to grow fruit and vegetables, and an ornamental plant stand to bring some extra colour to your garden.

Lacewing™ 4 Tier Mini Greenhouse Plant Stand (Primrose)
Lacewing™ 4 Tier Mini Greenhouse Plant Stand (Primrose)

The shelves are all adjustable, simply remove them to make space for taller plants and add them back in to create more space to store smaller plants. 

The steel frame is sturdy and weather resistant (a must for any English garden) and the outer mesh cover can be removed to create aesthetically-pleasing garden shelving. 

So, if like us, you're fed up of having to wrap your pots in cling film to shield them from the unpredictable British weather and want a proper place for them to thrive this could be just what you're looking for. 

For only £39.99, it's an affordable solution that will see you through year after year. 

What the reviews say:

  • "Easy to assemble. Perfect for want I wanted. Robust enough and great price."

  • "Nice plant stand for the nicer weather and with the cover supplied serves as a good mini greenhouse for the winter."

  • "This is a brilliant piece of kit and will be able to use the staging in summer for plants too as it's so pretty."

  • "These are fantastic, perfect for my requirements"

  • "So pleased with the quality of the product and so easy to assemble"

Buy it: Lacewing™ 4 Tier Mini Greenhouse Plant Stand | £39.99 from Primrose

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