Garbage piles up in Russian regions as police check migrant workers

Russian trash
Russian trash

Routine waste disposal operations are facing significant disruptions in Russia's Dagestan and North Ossetia due to extensive police inspections targeting migrants, Russian media outlets reported on April 2.

Only 12 out of 43 garbage trucks are operational in Vladikavkaz, the Telegram channel Mash Gor said, citing a local waste operator. Nearly all company employees, who underwent document checks, are migrants.

A similar situation has emerged in the capital of Dagestan, Makhachkala. Municipal employees and those under its jurisdiction are urgently seeking to replace migrants, reported Russian news site Vestnik Kavkaza.

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Russian law enforcement initiated raids against migrants following the shooting at Crocus City Hall on March 22. Most of the suspects arrested in the case are Tajik citizens.

Shooting at Russia’s Crocus City Hall: What is known?

Several terrorists opened fire with automatic weapons on attendees at a concert hall in Crocus City Hall in the Moscow suburb of Krasnogorsk, where the band Piknik was set to perform.

144 people died, according to Russian authorities.

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Russian law enforcement reported the arrest of 11 individuals, four of whom, according to their version, were involved in the shooting. The FSB announced that they were allegedly planning to cross into Ukrainian territory.

Russian media claimed to have allegedly identified four people who opened fire at Crocus City Hall shopping center, with their names published by Russian Telegram channel Baza on March 23.

Photos of one of the detained individuals being tortured with electricity were published on Russian Telegram channels. A video emerged showing one suspect having his ear cut off and being forced to eat it.

ISIS claimed responsibility on March 23, releasing photos of the suspects detained by the Russian FSB earlier. Later, ISIS released a video shot by the terrorists in Crocus City Hall.

Russian media reported on March 29 that the Tajik branch of ISIS was transferring payment to the shooters in Crocus through a cryptocurrency wallet.

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Russia’s Foreign Ministry officially accused Ukraine of involvement in recent “terrorist attacks” inside Russia, including the Crocus City Hall shootings.

Moscow fabricated "traces of the recent terrorist attacks lead to Ukraine" to tie Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) head, Vasyl Malyuk.

Russia has been after the SBU chief for a long time, accusing him of involvement in the sabotage of the Crimean Bridge in Oct. 2022.

The call from Russia’s Foreign Ministry to arrest Malyuk, for accusing Ukrainian involvement in the ISIS attack on Crocus City Hall is both baseless and cynical, the SBU told NV on March 31.

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