Garbage man rescues newborn boy abandoned in bin bag

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Remarkable images have captured the moment a garbage man rescued an abandoned newborn boy hidden in a bin bag.

The baby was found in the plastic bag inside a dumpster near a hospital in the Iranian capital Tehran at around 6pm on Monday.

The unnamed garbage man reportedly found the sack in the waste container, opened it and noticed the baby — who was breathing — inside.

In footage, the man can be seen gingerly carrying the black bin bag and placing it carefully on the pavement.

The garbage man opening the bin bag to find the baby.
The garbage man discovered the baby after carefully opening the bin bag found in a dumpster. Source: Newsflash/Australscope

He then gently breaks it open to reveal the wriggling baby inside, making sure its airways are clear.

Police and paramedics were dispatched to the scene after the garbo called emergency services for help.

They cleaned the newborn — whose umbilical cord was still attached — and took him to the nearby Amir al Momenin Hospital.

At the time of reporting, the boy remained in hospital and was said to be in a stable condition with a favourable outlook.

Police are currently working to identify the boy's parents.

Baby boy abandoned in blue backpack

Last year, an abandoned baby boy was found alive in a rucksack hanging on a fence in the Philippines.

Shocked locals heard the sound of a baby crying on June 29 and searched the area before finding him stuffed inside a blue bag hanging on the fence of their gate in South Cotabato province.

Aside from crying out of hunger, the infant appeared to be uninjured. He was still rushed to the hospital for a health check-up and was found to be slightly dehydrated.


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