Gamblers limited to $50 daily losses on pokies

A default pokies loss limit of $50 will be slapped on Victorian gamblers after the state government agreed to a deal with the Greens.

The Victorian Greens said the government had pledged to establish a $50 daily default loss limit on pokies and consider changes to a tax deduction scheme for clubs in exchange for backing a separate bill.

In July 2023, then premier Daniel Andrews and Gaming Minister Melissa Horne announced reforms for electronic gaming machines.

Under the reforms, all Victorian pokies are set to require mandatory pre-commitment limits and carded play.

Load-up limits, how much money an individual can put into a machine at a time, were slated to be capped at $100, down from $1000.

But the Greens said the laws would be changed to set a $50 default limit on how much a person can lose in a 24-hour period.

"This practical reform will have a real impact in curbing the horrible impacts predatory poker machines have on Victorians," the party's gambling harm reduction spokeswoman Katherine Copsey said on Thursday.

In addition, Ms Copsey said the gaming minister had written to the Greens agreeing there needed to be an overhaul of the Community Benefits Scheme.

The scheme allows clubs to claim an 8.33 per cent tax deduction on their net gaming revenue if they reinvest that percentage into the community.

But analysis of club declarations to the Victorian Gambling and Casino Commission showed more than $241 million of $311 million in pokies revenue in 2022/23 was spent on funding club operations, including wages, staff meals, beer, gas and decorations.

The Victorian government has been contacted for comment.