Fury over 'disgusting' act in Queensland National Park: 'REAL GRUBS'

A heap of rubbish dumped in a Queensland national park has prompted outrage from locals, with some hoping a receipt will lead to the people responsible.

Photos of the mess show bikes, children's toys, household appliances, boxes, soft plastics and food wrappers heaped in two massive piles on the grass at Tewantin National Park in Noosa.

The pictures were shared to Facebook by a community member who said he had notified the council.

The rubbish dumped at Tewantin National Park in Queensland.
The rubbish was left at Tewantin National Park in Queensland. Source: Facebook/Ron Wilton

"Hopefully, we can work together as a community and get the belongings back to the rightful owners," he said.

The pictures of the rubbish outraged people online, especially considering there is a tip just a few kilometres away from the makeshift dumpsite.

"Disgusting behaviour by these grubs," one person wrote in the comments.

However, a few people noted that taking trash to the tip can be quite expensive and perhaps not an option for everyone.

The mess left behind.
Many in the Noosa community were disgusted by the mess left behind. Source: Facebook/Ron Wilton

"I’m happy to come and take it to the tip, but I’m not paying for it," another person said.

"I assume the council will come and move this?"

The poster replied that there was far too much rubbish for someone to move on their own and it was a "real yuck job".

He said council should scour through the rubbish to find receipts that could help find the individuals responsible.

Investigation into rubbish dump underway

One person commented that much of the mess could have gone into the rubbish or recycling bin, while other items may have been put out on the nature strip in case people wanted them.

Many were hopeful there would be names or bank details on some of the paper amid the trash so Noosa Council could identify the person who dumped the massive haul.

Items others could have potentially used were also dumped at the park, like bikes and fans. Source: Facebook/Ron Wilton
Items others could have potentially used were also dumped at the park, like bikes and fans. Source: Facebook/Ron Wilton

Noosa Council confirmed to Yahoo News Australia a resident had reported the illegal dumping and officers are now responding to the incident.

An investigation is underway to identify those responsible.

"In the last 12 months we have received 325 reports of general household waste being dumped illegally across the shire," Noosa Council Waste Manager Kyrone Dodd said in the statement.

"The clean-up and impact on resources can be quite expensive."

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