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Here Are 14 Funny Tweets That Went Viral This Weekend

For some reason, the best tweets always seem to happen on weekends. Here are some hilarious ones that recently came across my timeline.

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Nickelodeon / Twitter: @invis4yo

Hulu / Twitter: @Wuggaaaaa_

ALAIN JOCARD/AFP via Getty Images , Twitter: @SaeedDiCaprio

Twitter: @khloecoulee

HBO / Twitter: @invis4yo

Twitter: @majipres

Twitter: @kirawontmiss

Netflix / Twitter: @jayythewave

Twitter: @mikaadenise

"where's my food"

Twitter: @upblissed

Oprah / Twitter: @Drebae_

Disney / Hulu / Twitter: @mihailo____

Twitter: @fadecorner

Twitter: @mainbitchclique

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