Funding top priority in Gillard's new job

Former PM Julia Gillard says convincing countries to donate is the first priority in her new job.

Former prime minister Julia Gillard says her first priority in her new job championing global education is to convince donor countries to dig deep.

Ms Gillard, newly appointed chair of the Global Partnership for Education, says GPE has spent $US33.7 billion ($A37.77 billion) improving education in the world's poorest and most fragile nations over the last decade.

"This is a major accomplishment and we have to enable the partnership to keep up the good work," she said a blog on the GPE website.

GPE was launched in 2002 as global partnership of donor and developing nations to boost education standards in the third world.

There are now 60 partner nations, including Australia which provided $30 million funding in 2012-13.

Ms Gillard, former Labor government education minister and prime minister from 2010-13, said there had been tremendous gains but it was urgent that donors contribute more.

"Together, we will embark on a critical journey to bring not just access but quality education to the 57 million children currently out of school around the globe," she said.

Ms Gillard said she would work to lift the quality of education for children already in school.

"These are daunting goals, but both are well within reach if the international community works together to deliver on our promise to provide education for all."