As Queensland battles with the flooding and strong winds brought by ex-tropical cyclone Oswald, a huge stretch of the Sunshine Coast has been blanketed in foam.

The foam, swept on shore yesterday by Oswald's strong winds has lured curious onlookers, who are holding their own foam party and taking happy snaps inside the 'winter wonderland'.

In parts the wall of foam reaches three metres in height and covers entire roads, forcing police to direct traffic in the potentially dangerous situation.

Two police officers in the seaside town of Alexandra Headland got the shock of their lives yesterday as they were directing traffic.

Watching a bus slowly make its way through the foam, the two cops didn't notice a fully submerged car headed straight for them.

The footage posted to YouTube shows a quick-thinking officer leaping out of the way just in time to avoid a collision.

Police are urging prople to avoid all non-essential travel, but the wall of foam is still drawing curious onlookers.

Photos from the Queensland flood crisis

The flood threat is more serious in other parts of the state, with at least three people dead and several others missing.

Floodwaters are threatening even more communities in south-east Queensland and northern New South Wales today as ex-tropical cyclone Oswald heads south.

The system is expected to continue contracting into northern NSW throughout the course of today, but rivers throughout the region are still rising.

Hundreds of homes have flooded in Bundaberg, while there is a major flood crisis developing in the Lockyer Valley, and thousands of Brisbane residents have been told their homes and businesses could go under.

You can follow our live coverage here.

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