Fruit sparks gas scare at university library

Stinky fruit has led to the evacuation of a university library in Melbourne’s CBD.

Traffic was disrupted around RMIT University on Saturday as about 600 staff and students cleared the building amid fears of a gas leak.

Specialist crews wearing masks searched the building for the source of the smell, which turned out to be rotting durian left in a cupboard.

A library at RMIT University in Melbourne’s CBD was evacuated after smelly durian fruit caused a gas leak scare. Source: AAP

A Metropolitan Fire Brigade spokesman said the smell had alarmed staff and students as it permeated the air-conditioning system.

The waste will be dealt with by Environment Protection Authority officers.

Durian is a tropical fruit known for its strong smell.

It is commonly banned from hotel rooms and public transport in southeast Asia.

More than 600 people inside the university’s library were evacuated. Source: Getty