Frontline workers claiming COVID-19 comp

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NSW police officers, supermarket employees and takeaway food workers have made hundreds of compensation claims after contracting COVID-19 at work, the insurance regulator has revealed.

The State Insurance Regulatory Authority says there have been 1593 COVID-19 claims since the first coronavirus outbreak in Australia in early 2020 and October 1.

There were only 395 claims before June 15 but by the time the Delta variant had spread through the country there were 1198 extra claims.

Of these claims, 1165 included a confirmed diagnosis.

One in eight of the claims were psychological.

The industries with the highest numbers of claims were supermarket and grocery store workers (282), police services (224), takeaway food services (101) and hospitals (88).

There were 51 claims from correctional and detention services, 48 from those in department stores, 42 in aged care residential services and 31 for air and space transport employees.

"As at 31 July 2021, total payments to COVID-19 related claims was $7.1 million, with an expected gross cost of $13.9 million," a SIRA spokespersn told AAP.

Around a third of the claims were from government self insurers, a third from nominal insurers and a third from other self insurers.

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