The new kitchen inventions that will make chores a whole lot easier

The kitchen can be a place of mixed emotions. Satisfaction from a cold drink, tears from a burned roast, or disappointment about the last piece of chocolate cake being taken.

But fear not, because new and innovative appliances and fixtures are being introduced to the kitchen that will aim to resolve these issues, end any drama, and most importantly save us time.

This week at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the world’s premier electronics show held annually in Las Vegas, we had the chance to see them announced for the first time – and best of all, experience them in person.

Whirlpool Oven

Just by looking at this oven there is something immediately missing. There are no dials or knobs for temperature settings or modes – just a small touch screen.

You can use the touchscreen to set cooking temperatures and timers if you like, but since it’s now an internet connected appliance, you could do the same through voice commands or using the app on your phone.

There is no longer a need to know the correct cooking times and temperatures for meals in this oven – simply say what is being put in there and slide it in.

Whirlpool will weigh the item for timer settings and track the internal temperature of the meal and notify you when it is ready before putting the oven into a keep warm mode.

You can also scan barcodes of packaged items and the cooking instructions for the oven will be sent automatically and start preheating.

Whirlpool oven
Smart appliances are invading the kitchen. Source: Supplied

Samsung Family Hub

Each year Samsung has been coming to CES to announce the latest version of the most advanced fridge on the market. This year Samsung has added artificial intelligence to take meal preparation and planning to a new level.

With cameras through the fridge, each item can be identified and tracked for consumption. Once the fridge understands the dietary requirements and tastebuds of the family, Family Hub can start suggesting meals for the evening based on what is in the fridge and even talk you through the cooking process step by step.

The large 22-inch display can also be used for adding on screen notes, family photos and controlling your smart home.

If you’re a proper Netflix junkie and happen to be in the middle of your favourite TV show but need a refill or snack, the fridge can even be your TV so you don’t miss a moment.

Moen Faucet

The humble faucet was not safe from the touch of technology at CES. US company Moen demonstrated one that can now be controlled through voice.

This means you could walk into the kitchen and summon your Google or Amazon voice assistant to pour 400ml of water, for example.

Smart tap
Companies are throwing the internet at everything, even the kitchen sink. Source: Supplied

Approaching the tap with the cup underneath will trigger the pouring of that exact amount. Further, if you ask for 500ml of water at 80 degrees, you’ll get that too.

That little feature could be very handy for replacing the measuring jug in a recipe or filling a baby bottle. It could also help in saving water during times of drought too.

LG CordZero Robotic Mop

Over the years at CES we have seen numerous iterations of robotic vacuum cleaners, but they were frankly quite poor initially.

Today robot vacuums are better at navigation and have suction levels that compare to stick vacuums.

For instance, LG has the R9 robotic vacuum on the market already, but what comes after the floors have been vacuumed? Well, LG has lazy homeowners covered there as well.

The Korean company announced a robotic mop at the event this week, which manages to differentiate between floor types and can also be managed to avoid rooms needlessly.

Robot mop
The autonomous vacuum cleaner now comes with the option of a robot mop as well. Source: Supplied

The mopping process will automatically begin once the vacuuming is done too, as the R9 robot vacuum can “talk” to the mop, in silence.

So if you’re an early adopter, you can theoretically finish your cooking and then send in the cleaners for any mess you left on the floor.

This article was written by Geoff Quattromani, a technology commentator who travelled to CES as a guest of Jabra, HERE Technologies, LG and Uber. Follow Geoff on Twitter @GQuattromani.

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