'Frightened' tourist photo bombed by humpback whale

A group of unsuspecting tourists had the experience of a lifetime when a baby humpback whale photobombed their picture.

The curious whale popped up from the ocean just centimetres from the tourists.

Whitsunday Jetski Tours were taking a group of jetski riders out to Daydream Island when tour guide Ian Wilson spotted a blowhole in the distance.

He told everyone to cut their engines in the hopes that the whale would surface.

Within 10 minutes the whale was 60 metres from them and kept coming closer.

"We had our tour group, grouped quite close together and the whale moved from ski to ski for over an hour giving us a show! He was so inquisitive and just didn’t want to leave us alone," said Ian.

South African tourist Travis Poland, 19, got ‘a bit of a fright’ when the whale surfaced behind him just as his mate was taking a picture.

"We just cut the engines and were floating around and then this whale popped up in between [us]," he told the Brisbane Times.

"It had all different markings and scars, so many scars, it was not the prettiest looking animal, but for something of its size it was just awesome."

Ian has worked with whale populations in different parts of the world, including Tonga where guests often dive and swim with humpbacks and said this was the closest encounter he had ever had with one in the area.

He described the experience as "once in a lifetime".

(By Allison Wallace - Yahoo 7 Be)