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This 'Friends'-Themed Slow Cooker Is at the Top of Our Holiday Wish List

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Could we BE any more excited?

<p>Getty/Johan Rodriguez/Dotdash Meredith</p>

Getty/Johan Rodriguez/Dotdash Meredith

It’s probably safe to say that everyone at Allrecipes has at least one slow cooker. The kitchen appliance is essential for frequent home cooks, perfect for making everything from slow cooker oatmeal to chocolate cake.

Some of us even have more than one slow cooker, and we just discovered another one that jumped to the top of our holiday wish list. Macy’s is selling a “Friends”-themed slow cooker. It would interest us whenever we discovered it, but we’ll admit, with the recent passing of Matthew Perry, this slow cooker, and all its references to the hit TV show, is making us a bit nostalgic for a month ago when all six of our “Friends” were still with us.

So, in the cadence of Matthew Perry’s character Chandler, “Could we BE any more excited about this slow cooker?” No, we can’t—even if that excitement comes with a bit of sadness.

The 'Friends' 7-Quart Digital Slow Cooker

Say “Pivot!” to any “Friends” fan, and they’ll automatically know you’re referring to the famous scene when Ross got his couch stuck in a stairwell. “How you doin'?” brings a smile to any fan’s face, thinking of how lovable Joey would hit on women.

Both of those sayings made it onto this decorative slow cooker. So did renditions of the orange coffee house couch, the picture frame around the peephole of Monica and Rachel’s apartment, and Phoebe’s grandmother’s cab.



The versatile 7-quart slow cooker has a dishwasher-safe, removable stoneware crock; Low, High, and Warm settings; adjustable cooking times in 30-minute increments; and an automatic shift to Warm at the end of the cooking time.

For a buffet, fill this slow cooker with meatballs for sandwiches or Buffalo chicken dip for an appetizer, and it’s bound to be an instant conversation starter. It may start a friendly argument about whether or not Ross and Rachel were “on a break.” It may inspire a group rendition of “Smelly Cat.” Who knows where the conversation may go?

We definitely want to find out.

We don’t know if any of us will receive this fun, nostalgic slow cooker as a holiday gift, but we do know what would be a good first recipe to make in it—slow cooker tomato soup to serve with grilled cheese sandwiches. We’d serve them in honor of Perry and his character Chandler, who avoided “all the Pilgrim holidays” and ate the pairing with Funyuns for Thanksgiving. 

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