The 'Friends' theme song takes a dark turn when played in a minor key

Ellie Houghtaling

When Netflix announced it was losing binge staples like The Office and Friends, people lost their marbles. 

So as a tribute, YouTuber Chase Holfelder decided to perform a cover of the Friends theme in his Major to Minor series, where he takes popular songs and switches them to a minor key. 

The result is a sound more appropriate for a soap opera or anime outro than a '90s sitcom. It's an impressive (although a tad less catchy) ode to the iconic theme song.

Adorning a "Central Perk" tee, Holfelder belts out an extremely dramatic rendition over heart-wrenching guitar and piano tracks. Suddenly lines like "you're still in bed at ten and work began at eight," feel a little too real. 

But if you still aren't ready to move onto a new show, you can catch Friends on HBO Max in 2020.