How weekly tradition made three friends $5.9 million richer

Nadine Carroll

Mystery surrounding Australia’s latest millionaires kept people guessing until a group of three friends realised their weekly get-together at their local watering hole for a game of Keno has made them $5.9 million dollars richer.

The group from far North Queensland didn’t realise they had won until word spread there was a new mystery Keno millionaire in the area.

The long-time friends who have decided to remain anonymous, purchased the winning ticket at sport bar Cazalys in Cairns, where they head to celebrate the end of the working week.

“It’s me and two other mates. Every Friday, we head to Cazalys after work and play a game of Keno,” one of the lucky winners said.

The winning $5.9 million entry was purchased at Cazalys sports bar in Cairns. Pictured are two staff members at the bar holding up Keno cards.
The winning $5.9 million entry was purchased at a sports bar in Cairns by three friends who regularly play Keno. Source: The Lott

The trio held the Keno Mega Millions 10 Spot winning entry in game 787 on Friday and took home $5,918,503.50.

They told The Lott there was no method to their win, they just chose numbers at random.

“Normally we get a Kwikpik but this time I just picked the numbers myself. We even joked about it at the time. They were just totally random numbers, nothing special,” one of the winners said.

After ending the night, one of the men left the ticket in his pocket and thought nothing more to it.

Three happy men toasting with beer at pub with a Keno card as an inset.
'Normally we get a Kwikpik but this time I just picked the numbers myself,' one of the men said.

“I got a message from one of my mates saying someone had won the jackpot at Cazalys. I thought, ‘You’re kidding me, you’re kidding me’,” he said

“I couldn’t think straight after that – unbelievable, it’s life-changing,” he said after checking the ticket.

In an ironic twist, during the night of the win, the group of friends were discussing how they didn’t think they would ever have enough money to retire.

“That’s all changed now,” one of the winners said.

A stock image of three men jumping for joy on a golf course. The trio said they wanted to spend more time golfing now that they were millionaires.
The three friends plan to cut back on work and spend more time on the golf course now they are millionaires. Source: Getty stock

While the friends told The Lott they have no plans to give up work just yet, they will be cutting back their hours and “slowing down” so they can retire comfortably and spend a more time on the golf course.

“The best thing is being able to share this win with my friends. We’ve been good friends for years. Family and mates, that’s all that matters in life,” one of the winners said.

This is the third major Keno prize to land in Far North Queensland this year. In April, a Cairns mum won $1.29 million, while in May a local man scored $1.42 million while out to dinner with his family.

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