Albanese talks trade, security with Sunak

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has formally met his newest British counterpart for the first time, discussing trade and security arrangements.

Rishi Sunak became Britain's youngest prime minister in more than 200 years last month, replacing Liz Truss in the top job she held for just 49 days.

He is the third UK prime minister Mr Albanese has met since Labor won office in May.

They discussed the defence partnership between Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States (AUKUS) as well as trade arrangements.

Mr Albanese spoke to Mr Sunak about the defence assets Australia will require before the AUKUS arrangement comes into place and that it is the focus of a larger strategic review being undertaken.

The leaders also looked forward to the implementation of the UK-Australia free trade agreement and to maximising the opportunities it offers for both countries.

The pair have been sitting next to each other during the summit but the bilateral was their first official meeting.

Mr Albanese said there wasn't much he hadn't informally discussed with Mr Sunak during the past two days.

He said this included "family background" and "history" while Mr Sunak added "a bit of cricket, bit of rugby".

Mr Sunak, who leads the Conservative Party, joked that Mr Albanese had even given him advice on elections.

With PA