Friend of Melissa Caddick reveals wild theories about her disappearance

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A childhood friend of missing suspected fraudster Melissa Caddick has weighed in on what she believes happened to the millionaire businesswoman when she vanished almost a year ago.

Speaking with Gawndy and Maz on Hit NSW Breakfast on Wednesday, Jodie, who said she remained friends with Ms Caddick after they attended high school together, said she has two theories about the 49-year-old’s bizarre disappearance.

Her comments come just days after Ms Caddick’s husband Anthony Koletti told 7News in a TV interview he believed his wife may have been murdered.

Jodie said her first theory was similar to Mr Koletti’s concerns.

Melissa Caddick's foot inside a shoe on a beach is seen left. Ms Caddick is seen right.
Melissa Caddick's foot was found inside a shoe on a beach on the NSW South Coast. Source: 7NEWS/AAP

“That she walked out of the house, similar to what Anthony said on Saturday night, and someone took her because they got greedy and they wanted more, and something’s happened to her,” she said.

Jodie told Hit NSW Breakfast her second theory involves her childhood friend being placed into witness protection.

“There is a possibility that while in [her home] being interrogated [by the AFP] that she spilled her guts and said look these are the other people who are involved,” she said.

“They’ve put her in witness protection, the foot’s a furphy and they’re just waiting to catch the bigger fish, and either put her into protection or she’ll come out and do her time for her part in the crime.”

Jodie said her friend’s disappearance still confuses and plagues her almost one year after the incident.

“I was devastated by what’s happened. The Melissa I knew was a very dedicated child, daughter, sister to her family and to her friends and that’s where my head is at.

“I’m confused at the moment because I can’t believe she’s done what she’s done, and that’s not the girl who I knew growing up,” she said.

During the emotional interview, Jodie said the past 12 months have been a “roller coaster” and that if Ms Caddick was sitting in front of her today she would simply ask her “why”.

Melissa Caddick with her husband Anthony. Source: 7News Spotlight
Melissa Caddick went missing on November 12, 2020. Source: 7News Spotlight

Almost 12 months since she disappeared

Ms Caddick went missing from her Dover Heights home in Sydney's east in November 2020, a day after ASIC executed a search warrant for her mansion.

The 49-year-old was reported missing two days later by her husband.

On February 21, a group of people camping discovered a running shoe containing human remains while walking along Bournda Beach, on the NSW South Coast.

When one of the campers went to pick up the shoe to throw it out, they found a foot still inside.

The remainder of Ms Caddick's body hasn't been located.

Ms Caddick is accused of faking documents and running a Ponzi scheme through her business Maliver.

She allegedly deceived clients who entrusted millions with her over seven years, using it to fund her lavish lifestyle.

In July, a court was told her assets — including luxury properties and cars, jewellery and cash — should not be sold off until it could be confirmed she was dead.

Melissa Caddick.
Melissa Caddick has been missing for almost 12 months. Source: 7News Spotlight

Charges dropped last month

Ms Caddick has left behind her husband, teenage son and elderly parents.

There is no suggestion her parents, husband or brother were aware of or had any involvement in Ms Caddick’s fraudulent company.

Criminal charges against Ms Caddick were dropped by ASIC last month after they laid almost 40 charges against her and issued a warrant for her arrest.

ASIC confirmed the charges would be withdrawn, as had the warrant.

The civil proceedings against Ms Caddick and her company Maliver continue.

If Ms Caddick turns out to be still alive criminal charges will be laid against her.

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