Fresh twist after bombshell claim about China plane crash that killed 132

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Claims a China Eastern jetliner intentionally nosedived have been shut down by China with state media reporting US investigators have released no findings on the crash that killed 132 people.

Earlier this week, the Wall Street Journal reported flight data obtained by US investigators pointed to someone in the cockpit of the Boeing 737-800 bound for Guangzhou intentionally crashing the plane.

Rescuers survey the site after a China Eastern Airlines plane crashed in March this year killing all 123 passengers on board.The plane crash in March this year and killed all 123 passengers on board. Source: Getty Images
A China Eastern Airlines plane crashed in March this year killing all 123 passengers on board. Source: Getty Images

The Journal reported people who were familiar with the US officials' preliminary assessment of the crash had passed on the information.

Reportedly the data recorder suggested inputs to the controls pushed the plane into the fatal dive.

The report claimed American investigators were looking at the actions of a pilot and there also was a possibility someone else could have broken into the cockpit and caused the crash.

However, the Chinese government-run Global Times reported American investigators had confirmed to the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) that they released no information to reporters.

US media reports blasted as 'unprofessional'

It said Chinese civil aviation analysts blasted the US media reports for being "unprofessional and causing unnecessary interference" while the investigation is ongoing.

"Such unsubstantiated reports amount to vicious smearing against China, the analysts noted," the Global Times said.

CCTV from nearby the crash site appears to show the plane plummeting almost vertically. Source: Weibo
CCTV from nearby the crash site appears to show the plane plummeting almost vertically. Source: Weibo

Unverified CCTV footage which was shared to social media appears to show the plane vertical as it plummets to the ground.

"The plane looked to be in one piece when it nosedived. Within seconds, it crashed," one witness said following the crash.

A China foreign ministry spokesman, Wang Wenbin, referred reporters to the Global Times report in response to requests for information about the investigation.

He was also asked by Bloomberg whether there were any updates regarding the investigation.

"CAAC has said that it will maintain close communication with all parties participating in the investigation, conduct the investigation in a science-based, meticulous and orderly manner, and release the progress and other relevant information about the investigation in a timely and accurate fashion," he said.

Mr Wenbin added all information will be released in accordance with CICA and government information disclosure requirements.

Rescuers go through the wreckage of the China Eastern Airlines plane that crashed in March. Source: VCG via Getty Images
Reports earlier this week insinuated the plane crash in China was intentional, according to sources linked to the investigation. Source: VCG via Getty Images

Following the crash on March 21, seven people from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) arrived in China on April 2.

The aircraft which dived from about 8,800 meters to the ground, was manufactured in the US, which is why the CAAC invited the NTSB to investigate.

The 737-800 has one of the aviation industry’s best safety records, the Associated Press reported.

China’s airline industry, one of the world’s biggest, has had relatively few mishaps in recent years.

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