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Fresh concussion lawsuit to be launched against AFL

Another class action is being launched against the AFL over concussion-related injuries.

Former Melbourne star Shaun Smith, Adelaide Crows premiership player Darren Jarman and the family of the late Shane Tuck are lead plaintiffs in the fresh action.

Griffins Lawyers has been working on the case for eight years and will file legal papers in Victoria's Supreme Court by Friday seeking damages.

Managing partner Greg Griffin estimates between 200 and 300 players could join.

Mr Griffin used to be a player manager and has seen the catastrophic impact head injuries can have on families.

"I've spoken to numerous players, I've spoken to their spouses and their partners," Mr Griffin told AAP.

"Their spouses and their partners are great historians as to the changes that they have seen over a 15 to 25 year period.

"Through no fault of the players, they've been damaged in many respects.

"There are many stories to be told, a lot of them aren't very happy or pleasant, but they need to be told."

Employees of an AFL club working under the standard playing contract from 1998 onwards may be eligible to join, according to the firm's website.

The AFL said the health and safety of its players was a top priority.

"The AFL takes concussion and the protection of the brain health of all those playing our game extremely seriously," a spokesman said.

"The AFL has made more than 30 changes to tribunal guidelines and on-field rules over the past two decades to further protect the head and annually updates the concussion guidelines to improve the response to head knocks in our game in accordance with current and evolving science."

It comes a day after Margalit Injury Lawyers lodged action seeking up to $1 billion in compensation from the AFL.

That class action relates to players who sustained concussion-related injuries while playing or training between 1985 and March 14 2023.

Griffins Lawyers previously launched a damages claim on behalf of former Richmond player Ty Zantuck against his old club.

Zantuck was diagnosed with suspected chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a degenerative brain condition, in late 2021.