French tycoon, wife tied up in burglary

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French tycoon and former Adidas owner Bernard Tapie and his wife have been tied up and injured during a brutal break-in at their home.

According to reports, four burglars dressed in black with their faces covered entered the house in a town outside Paris shortly before midnight on Saturday.

They tied up Bernard and Dominique Tapie, who suffered physical injuries in the incident, and eventually Dominique was able to trigger an alarm, it was reported.

The burglars fled with several valuables after the break-in, which left Dominique Tapie in hospital, according to reports.

The mayor of Combs-la-Ville, Guy Geoffroy, said the perpetrators had used "extreme violence" against the couple, but they were doing well considering the circumstances.

A former minister and soccer club owner, Tapie is a colourful figure in France. Most recently he made headlines due to a court case for misappropriation of public funds.

Tapie had felt that he was conned by the state bank Credit Lyonnais when he sold shares in the German sporting goods manufacturer in the early 1990s and sued.

In arbitration proceedings in 2008, Tapie was awarded more than 400 million euros in compensation. However, the arbitration award was later overturned by a civil court.

He was acquitted of the charges of fraud and misappropriation of state funds in 2019, although the prosecution submitted an appeal.

The appeal trial is set to begin next month. It had been postponed recently because of Tapie's health. He is suffering from cancer.