French Result Encouraging But Represents Challenge, Habeck Says

(Bloomberg) -- The outcome of France’s snap parliamentary vote is reassuring, though its repercussions are likely to test both domestic politics and the wider region, according to German Economy Minister Robert Habeck.

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It’s “an encouraging election result,” Habeck said Monday in Stuttgart. “Nonetheless a challenge — not only for France but for Europe.”

Sunday saw a shock defeat for Marine Le Pen’s far right party, with a left-wing alliance now set to command the most seats in the lower house. It, too, however, fell well short of an absolute majority. Without a clear winner, the euro-zone’s second-biggest member is set for prolonged political gridlock.

“Although forming a government will be difficult, I think it is very good how parties from the center, center-left and left spectrum have worked together to prevent France from drifting nationalistic and Europe from getting into even more difficult waters,” Habeck told reporters.

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