French police clear Paris refugee camp

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Police in Paris have cleared a refugee camp in the city centre where about 100 people were living, officers say, citing public order and health issues.

The people had been living at the camp at Place de la Bastille since the end of May, the police prefecture said.

They were waiting to be classified as unaccompanied minors, which would give them documentation and certain rights.

The camp was obstructing people in the district and there was an outbreak of scabies there, the officials said.

The refugees have been taken to other quarters where they will receive health care, the police said.

Aid organisation Utopia 56, which organised for the camp to be officially registered as a permanent demonstration and is representing the refugees' needs, blamed the authorities for acting too slowly.

Many refugees are enduring unhealthy conditions in other improvised camps in Paris, likewise waiting for officials to determine their fate, the group said.

In Paris and on the outskirts of the city, the authorities regularly clear refugees' informal camps.

However, people then establish new ones in other areas, where conditions are similarly poor, due to the absence of housing.