Free six-bedroom house up for grabs – but there's a catch

A three-storey, six bedroom home has hit the market for free, however there is a catch, with a pretty hefty price-tag.

The Redeemer Church of Montclair in New Jersey, US owns the house and is willing to give it away for free, if the new owners pay to move the house.

“Free house! You pay to move it, otherwise it will be demolished,” the church advertised in an issue of Montclair Local.

A church owns the Montclair home and are willing to give the house away for free, if the new owners pay to have the house removed and relocated. Source: Google Maps.

The church has already received approval to demolish the home, which was reportedly built in 1910, according to the Montclair Local.

The house is used by the church as administration offices and classrooms, and the church is planning on expanding the neighbouring main church building.

However, the Montclair Historical Preservation Commission suggested trying to sell and relocate the home rather than tearing it down.

Construction of the church’s expansion began in September 2018 and Reverend Daniel Ying told Montclair Local if they didn’t have a buyer within a week they would move forward with the demolition in January, according to

Rev Ying told there had been a few inquiries about the bizarre offer, however none of which were particularly serious.

While it may seem like a steal, getting the physical house for free - it can cost between A$20,000 and $300,000 in the United States to move it, according to

There is also the question of whether or not it is possible to the move the house from one location to another. Usually, the utility lines can get in the way when a structure is being transported.

Physically moving a house is even possible in Australia, and not totally unusual.

It is possible to move a home, however whether it is in Australia or the US there are several steps to go through and generally council approval is necessary. Source: Getty Images.

Relocating homes often ‘cheaper and quicker’

In Australia there are similar deals homeowners can snap up.

One three-bedroom home in Geelong is advertised on Gumtree for free, if the buyer pays for the relocation cost.

According to the advertisement, the land is not for sale and the dwelling needs to be removed to make way for a townhouse development project.

The house is still available and the person who posted the listing said it would make a “great holiday house”.

This home in Geelong is available for free, however the land is not included, so the buyer will have to pay to relocate the home. Source: Gumtree.

Director of Graham House Removals, Ian Graham, says relocating homes became increasingly popular back in 2016. He said moving a home in Brisbane or Sydney would cost up to $100,000, but sometimes moving a large house can cost upwards of $300,000, according to Domain.

According to McDonald Contracting, specialised movers who relocate homes and other heavy structures, moving a home from one location to another is cheaper and quicker than building a new one.

The process of moving a home can be quite extensive – from assessing whether the home is adequate for relocation, to liaising with the Road Maritime Services and NSW to see if it is possible to move the house from one location to another.

The relocation will also need to be approved by the local council, not just at the first location, but also at the new site, according to McDonald Contracting.

The average cost of demolishing a three-bedroom home in Sydney is around $15,000 to $20,000, whereas bigger jobs can cost up to $80,000, according to

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