Freedom of Russia Legion's video in Tiotkino filmed in Ukrainian border village — OSINT researcher

Video with members of the Russian Freedom Legion, allegedly filmed in the village of Tiotkino
Video with members of the Russian Freedom Legion, allegedly filmed in the village of Tiotkino

A video posted on the Freedom of Russia Legion‘s Telegram channel, featuring two fighters discussing a battle in the Russian village of Tiotkino, was determined to have been filmed in the border village of Ryzhivka in Sumy Oblast, Ukraine, OSINT researcher Mark Krutov said on X on March 13.

The video was recorded ahead of the assault on Tiotkino, said the FRL spokesperson in a comment to the Ukrainian public broadcaster Suspilne. The FRL members refused to provide video footage from Russian territory to “avoid enemy fire.”

On March 13, the Freedom of Russia Legion, the Russian Volunteer Corps, and the Siberian Battalion, comprising Russian citizens, announced strikes on military positions in Belgorod and Kursk, urging the population of these regions to evacuate immediately.

On March 12, these units crossed the border into Russia and announced the start of an operation to ”liberate the Russian Federation from dictatorship.” According to preliminary data, it is taking place in the Belgorod and Kursk oblasts of the Russian Federation.

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On the evening of March 12, the RVC announced a second entry into the Russian Federation to ”bring closer the moment of death” to Putin and the entire ”Kremlin regime.”

The Russian Ministry of Defense reported the ”neutralization of 234 Ukrainian saboteurs” in the Belgorod and Kursk oblasts.

On March 12, the Russian Freedom Legion announced its control over part of the village of Tiotkino in Kursk Oblast, with the advance ongoing. The ASTRA Telegram channel, citing sources, reported that at least four Russian soldiers were killed, and nine others wounded in massive drone attacks and volunteer raids on March 12.

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin referred to the volunteer raid in an interview with propagandists, labeling it an attempt to disrupt the ”elections” in Russia and gain leverage in the upcoming peace talks.

The FRL said that the raid in Russia would last at least until after the Presidential “elections”scheduled for March 15-17.

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