'Freaked out': Nightmare as woman finds 18 snakes under her bed

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Did you grow up fearing a monster was living under your bed?

For one woman it was a nightmare that became a reality when she found 18 of them.

Trish Wilcher, from the US state of Georgia, wrote on Facebook on Sunday night she found 18 snakes under her bed.

“I am freaked out,” she wrote.

“OK we have turned the bedroom upside down ... Found 17 babies and the mumma.”

Garter snakes pictured in a house.
A woman found 18 snakes under her bed. Source: Facebook/ Trish Wilcher

Ms Wilcher believes some land being cleared up the street may have led the snakes finding a new home in her house.

“Scared s***less to be honest. No sleep tonight,” she wrote.

She told local news station WJBF she only realised she had snakes in the home after picking up a “piece of fuzz on the floor” which moved.

Her husband Max used a grabbing tool to place the snakes in a linen bag. They were later released and a snake catcher was also called.

A garter snake pictured in a home.
It's believed the snakes came into the house to breed. Source: Facebook/ Trish Wilcher

The snakes Ms Wilcher found were harmless garter snakes.

Garter snakes, native to North America, mostly feed on small amphibians and rodents and pose no danger to people.

Nonetheless, in spite of this, people on Facebook were less than enthused by their appearance in the home.

“I would have died. But glad you found them before they got in bed with you,” one woman wrote.

Another woman said she was “freaking out” reading about them.

“I would have a heart attack,” a third woman added.

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