Freak hail storm turns Sydney roads into an ice rink

A freak hail storm has turned Sydney roads into ice rinks, blanketing streets and cars with layers of ice.

Suburbs in the city’s north west were belted by the hail storm, with skies turning dark around 3pm.

“It sort of came out of nowhere, the road was extremely icy, and we lost traction, we actually swerved onto the side of the road so it was pretty intense,” commuter Emma McKellar said.

The main impacted areas were Kellyville, The Ponds, Box Hill and Rouse Hill.

Hail blanketed the streets of Sydney (pictured). Source: 7News

“It came over quite quickly and it was quite grim outside,” resident Tanikabel Harkin said.

“It got really dark outside.”

Suburbs turned an eerie wintry white during the freak storm.

The region was smashed by a much more damaging hail storm just 18 months ago.

At the time, 48,000 insurance claims were lodged just from residents in the Hills districts.

The freak hail storm hit Sydney’s north west. Source: 7News