Frantic search for missing grandfather with dementia

A frantic search is underway for a missing Western Australian man who has dementia.

The car of John Irvine, 67, has been found in Mundaring, about 35 kilometres north east of Perth, but Mr Irvine is yet to be found.

He left his home in Northam, about 100 kilometres north east of Perth, three days ago and never returned.

A search is underway in the Mundaring State Forest.

Mr Irvine was last seen pulling up at a Quairading roadhouse more than 100 kilometres from home.

He asked for directions on how to get home and his family believes he then became lost.

Northam man John Irvine (pictured) is missing and a search is underway. Source: 7News

“We just want him home safe and just to know where he is,” daughter Kaylaa Irvine said.

“It’s a bit frightening not knowing where he is.”

Mr Irvine was diagnosed with dementia last year, but recently his condition has become worse.

His family say he’s been lost before, but he has never disappeared for this long.

“It’s pretty scary, but we’re just hoping for the best,” Ms Irvine said.

Mr Irvine (pictured) was diagnosed with dementia last year. Source: 7News

The search for Mr Irvine isn’t just confined to the wheatbelt, or even just in Western Australia.

Authorities have been alerted in South Australia and Victoria too, in case Mr Irvine has made it that far.

“The longer it goes on, the bigger the area becomes and the further that he can travel,” Senior Sergeant David Hornsby from Northam Police said.

“If anyone sees him, if they can just contact police or see if he’s okay,” Ms Irvine said.

“Go up to him and let him know that he’s found, and people are looking for him.”