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Fox News host awkwardly spoils pregnancy announcement for her co-host

Dana Perino caused an awkward, but hilarious few moments on The Five Wednesday, when she coaxed co-host Jessica Tarlov into revealing that she’s pregnant. Perino was apparently the only one on the show unaware that Tarlov’s pregnancy was not yet public knowledge.

The group was discussing what new things they’ve done during the pandemic, when Perino turned to Tarlov and said, “Jessica, you try anything new? I mean, you got something new coming.”

Tarlov’s eyes widened as she was clearly not prepared to talk about this live on the air. “Yeah, and now the audience knows,” she said as others at the table began to laugh. “So, I’m pregnant.”

Perino appeared to genuinely believe that people already knew about this and apologized to Tarlov. Embarrassed, Perino ended the segment with her head in her hands as they cut to commercial.

Video transcript


DANA PERINO: Jessica, did you try anything new? I mean, you got something new coming.

JESSICA TARLOV: Yeah, and now the audience knows.


So I'm pregnant.


This is not how--

- Nicely done.

- Things got a little awkward on The Five, Wednesday when Dana Perino accidentally coaxed co-host Jessica Tarlov into announcing her pregnancy live on air. Following the show, Perino tweeted a picture of the two of them saying, "I love this woman. Jessica Tarlov let me be the one to accidentally spill the beans, but they are such great beans." Tarlov responded, "Saved me a lot of fretting over a reveal. Love you."

And Perino appeared to genuinely not know it was a secret.

DANA PERINO: You could have said anything. First of all, I thought people knew. I am so sorry

JESSICA TARLOV: It's totally like yeah. I also learned how to make sourdough bread--


JESSICA TARLOV: Like everybody.


DANA PERINO: OK. That would have been a great answer.


DANA PERINO: Can we congratulate Jessica all together?

KYLIE MAR: Things then took a super weird turn when Dagen McDowell joined in the conversation, which was originally about new things they tried during the pandemic.

DAGEN MCDOWELL: The only thing I could top you with is like partner swaps or orgies.


DANA PERINO: No, and even that is not a topping, the news that we have that--

- Wow.

DAGEN MCDOWELL: No, I meant you--

DANA PERINO: I thought it was orgies.

DAGEN MCDOWELL: I meant you giving it away. I didn't mean her with a bun in the oven.

DANA PERINO: Honestly.

KYLIE MAR: It was impossible to turn away from the train wreck as one viewer tweeted, "I died watching this. Bless Dana's heart, and congratulations Jessica." And in the end, Perino began to rethink her busy schedule.

DANA PERINO: Maybe this is a good reason I shouldn't have two show.


- Whoa.

DANA PERINO: I'm just tired, but anyway, Jessica I'm thrilled and I'm living through.

JESSICA TARLOV: I am excited too. We're excited. There was another person involved.